Do you want to Study English in Australia, USA and UK?

Acquiring good English skills is essential as much as building a social and professional network and meet friends from all parts of the world. Enrolling in an English course is one of the best ways to do so! But how to choose a school that caters for your needs? First select a city, then the school and the course that best suits you.

English Australia can help you with Study in Australia, Study in UK and   Study in USA  : offering support and free counseling in the selection procedure based on our direct experience and hands on approach. We have an extensive knowledge of Australian, American and England institutions and are entitled to promotional fees. We will find the school and course that best fits your level of English, your budget and your goals guaranteeing the best fees available.

Many English Australia Students will begin their pathway with a General English course and then move onto specific units such as IELTS and Cambridge preparation courses. Others will require further specific courses depending on professional requirements such as Business English or Teachers Training Courses. The duration and type of course suggested will vary and depend on your starting point, your career objectives and Visa type.

Feel free to discover the best solution for you or learn about the courses offered in detail by completing our online application

General English

Develop communication skills for everyday English, verbal and written


IELTS Preparation

Obtain an English certificate internationally recognized for 2 years


Business English

Courses of English for specific professional requirements such as Commerce,Tourism, Medicine, Marketing, etc.



Tesol – Celta

English Teaching courses with international recognized certifications.


English for Academic Purposes

Prepares students for advanced learning pathways at a higher education level.


Cambridge Preparation Course

Get a certificate of international English and unlimited validity.